Throughout its history, EIC Laboratories has been an innovator in developing new materials and processes for defense, energy, health and consumer applications. These areas are supported by EIC's capabilities in organic and polymer synthesis and synthesis of nanomaterials, such as dendrimers, star polymers, colloids, quantum dots, and nanostructured thin and thick films.

The adhesives and coatings group provides materials with enhanced or multiple functions, including releasable adhesives, environmentally "friendly" anticorrosion coatings, and coatings with built-in damage repair.

The advanced polymer materials group specializes in design and synthesis of polymers exhibiting novel and technologically significant properties, such as intrinsic electrical and/or ionic conductivity, molecular recognition, drug encapsulation and timed release, electrochromism and optical nonlinearity.

The power sources group develops improved anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, catalysts and support materials for high energy density batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics.

The thin film materials and devices group applies sputtering, evaporation and plasma-enhanced chemical deposition techniques as well as photolithographic patterning of materials to develop novel devices, such as electrochromic windows, microbatteries, and biosensor arrays.

The optoelectronic materials group develops materials and device structures with engineered response to light and radiation, including nonlinear optical crystals, quantum confined structures, neutron and gamma detection, photonic bandgap materials.

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